Some people have made mistakes already in 2019 and also in life. The problem with a lot of people is that we keep re-reading the last chapter of our lives; especially those ones full of our mistakes: "I have a child out of wedlock; who is going to marry me" a lot of "what ifs" meanwhile in the next chapter, there are a lot of beautiful things to see.

If you read a book and stop in one chapter, that is not the end of it. Someone might have been killed in one chapter but in the other chapter, the story has an interesting twist to it. Imagine you read where Jesus was killed in the scripture and stopped without reading where He resurrected.

Leave that chapter of your life where you messed up and things have gone bad; you have already made the choice. One thing about choices is you cannot unmake them; thus what you cannot unmake do not dwell on. You have stayed on this mountain for too long, go forward (Deut 1:6) because there are new things to achieve, new places to go to.


Everything in life is a choice, from your thoughts, to your words and your actions. Even what you eat is a choice. It was not the devil that made you do it. Yes! It is a choice. Most times we lie against the devil and put all the blame on him: can I ask you, the weight you gained by over indulging, was it the devil that forced you to eat the food? The challenge is that we lack the discipline to make the right choices and succumb to anything that appeals to us; then things go wrong and we shift the blame to the devil. There are some sicknesses that come from spiritual attack from the devil, however, there are other sicknesses that come because of our bad choices.

Time management is a choice; when someone complains about lack of time, it is because they have spent the time on what they consider priority.

Understanding that life is a choice will guide you to make wise choices in 2019. To experience healthy relationships with friends, you must show yourself friendly (Prov 18:24). Consider this experiment: if you want to receive greetings via SMS from people, firstly send SMS either bulk or randomly to people; even if everyone does not text back, you will receive SMS back from some people. When people are not loving you, look inward and ask "Have I been loving? Have I put myself in a place where I can be loved? What are the things that I am doing that make people not love me?" It is a game of sowing and reaping.

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